​​​​​​​Hot forging is a forming process using forging tools, allowing the creation of complex parts. A previously heated material is deformed between two etched dies. This is a way to quickly form blanks. This is where Loire Etude's expertise comes into play: we can machine large-dimension alloy steel dies (up to 9m*4m, 80T) and with high engraving precision (within a range of ± 0.2mm). 

Loire Etude accompanies its customers throughout the value chain, from the manufacture of new die-forging tools to their maintenance. We offer polishing, rewashing, shrinking, reloading & laser control services.



- Operations : 1
- Materials : 55NCDV7
- Prestation : Machining & control 
- Dimensions : 4500*3000*700mm
-  Handling : 42 tons