Sheet metal stamping using progressive tools is a forming process used to manufacture parts in large quantities. These tools allow high production rates to be achieved, optimise materials commitment and guarantee low production costs. A single progressive stamping tool make it possible to manufacture a part through a series of successive operations: cutting, stamping, bending, crimping, tapping and more.

Progressive stamping works as follows: the sheet metal strip passes through the upper and lower dies of the tool, fixed by pilots which allow it to remain in position throughout the stamping process. This ensures high repeatability and tolerances down to hundredths. A carrying web feeds the metal through the various stations provided. With each stamping press stroke, several simultaneous operations are carried out, until the finished part is made. The automotive, construction and household appliances sectors are the primary clientele.

With 60% of its activity devoted to progressive stamping tools, Loire Etude has been a specialist in their design and production for more than 50 years. Loire Etude specialises in very large progressive stamping tools that can form materials such as differing grades of aluminum, or very high elastic limit steels such as DP800 or DP1000. Loire Etude also provides a maintenance and repair service for progressive stamping tools. In addition, we can guide you through the transition from transfer stamping to progressive stamping tools, offering higher added value and better results.



- Operations : 13 
- Material : CR360LA / Thickness : 0,86 mm
- Prestation : Process, die design, tool manufacturing & home line tryout  
- Dimensions :  3310*2000*1200mm
- Tool cadence : 40 strokes/min