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With the aim of better anticipating and responding to the industrial challenges of tomorrow, Loire Etude works on innovative research themes such as simulation, semi-hot forming aluminum, additive manufacturing & forming materials with very high elastic limits. 7% of Loire Etude's turnover is devoted to R&D. Reducing the environmental impact of the automotive, aeronautics, maritime transport, agriculture and materials manufacturing sectors is now necessary. In this context, reducing material commitment is one of the key innovations of our company. As evidence of its investment in R&D, Loire Etude is accredited by the French government for Research Tax Credit (CIR).


​​​​​​​-    Aluminum Hot Forming 
-    Titanium Hot Stamping 
-    Robotized single part machining 
-    Composite parts forming
-    Simulation improvements 
-    Connected & Adaptative stamping tools 
-    Transition to a cold forming process, to a hot forming one
-    Cooling optimisation of hot stamping tools & productivity increase